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The Maxx Veenendaal

The Maxx Veenendaal

Around park: 7km

The Maxx Veenendaal

Do you dare?

If you are on holiday but fancy some action, come and take a look at The Maxx! The Maxx has different types of fun activities that you can do with family, friends or family, all just 10 minutes away.

Especially for you as a visitor, we offer a discount on laser gaming, glow golf, karting, sim racing and cool escape rooms!


Laser gaming

Move through the glow-in-the-dark maze, be surprised by the different sound and light effects, shoot at your opponent with the laser tag gun and collect points. Every time you hit your opponent, you earn points. Who will collect the most points and be the best in your group?
Laser gaming: from €10.50 now for €09.00 (per person)

Glow golf

Glow–in–the–dark mini golf is a game suitable for young and old. Enter their beautiful candy factory. A unique scenery that is beautifully illuminated by the black lights. There are no less than 18 different interpretations within the theme. Will you also come soon and play a game on their 18–hole course?
Glow golf: from €10.95 now for €9 (per person)

Escape room

The Maxx has the largest choice of Escape Rooms in Veenendaal and the surrounding area. An Escape Room is an exciting game where you and a team (at least 4 people) are locked in a room and have 1 hour to escape.
Are you able to operate under time pressure? That is the big question, because the minutes are ticking away and there is no time to lose.
Escape room: from €23.95 now for €22.50 (per person)


At The Maxx Veenendaal you can go karting on an indoor karting track in electric karts with very fast acceleration, “boost” function, LED lighting and on-board sound.
Do you dare to go full throttle on their technical circuit with your friends or family?
Karting: from €17.95 now for €16.00 (per person)

Sim racing

Experience what it is like to race like a real Formula 1 driver on the most famous (virtual) circuits! At The Maxx they have 16 new simulators with a real Formula 1 steering wheel to give you the real racing experience!
Does sim racing seem like something for you?
Sim racing: from €25.00 now for €22.50 (per person)

Please note: The discount will be deducted upon presentation of your reservation confirmation for your stay at Thijmse Berg. Payment is made at The Maxx.

We wish you lots of fun!