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The Circle Veenendaal

The Circle Veenendaal

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The Circle Veenendaal

Agent 159 & Source Code
Have you always wanted to break into the highly secured data center Source code? Or have you always wanted to create an antivirus? Then come and visit The Circle in Veenendaal and enjoy the beautiful escape rooms that The Circle offers. Especially for you as a visitor, we offer you a 10% discount.

If you are interested and looking for some adventure, you can now pick up the discount code at our reception. We wish you lots of fun!

Below you can see the prices including the 10% discount.

Escape rooms

Number of persons

Price per person


€44,95 – €40,45


€39,95 - €35,95


€32,95 – €29,65


€27,95 – €25,15


€24,95 – €22,45


€21,95 – €19,75


€21,95 - €19,75


The Circle offers you two very fun escape rooms: Agent 159 and Source Code.


Agent 159
Agent 159 is undercover at a lab, but we have not heard from him in a while. The dangerous virus contained in the submarine's missiles was created here. You have exactly one hour until the next shift starts. You are going to investigate; what happened to Agent 159? Can you finish his work and create the antivirus? Will you be gone before the next shift starts?

 About this escape room:

  • 60 minutes excluding introduction and explanation
  • Challenging (only 45% of our visitors make it out)
  • Exciting with scare effects
  • 15 years or older

Not for people with claustrophobia


Source code
You are going to break into the heavily guarded Source Code data center. Hack devices and bypass security systems to get to the server room. Here you have to stop a malicious computer program. Time is ticking; can you install the malware on the main computer in time?

 About this escape room:

  • 60 minutes excluding introduction and explanation
  • By using your brain and a bit of luck, you will be outside just in time.
  • (More than 50% of our visitors make it out)
  • Cool experience, exciting sounds, but not scary
  • 12 years or older (also for kids from the age of 12)