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Kings & Queens

Kings & Queens

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Kings & Queens

Prison Island & CityQuest

Kings & Queens is the sports bar in the center of Veenendaal with many fun activities for young and old. Enjoy a snack and drink in the cozy café or on the terrace or play one of the fun games: Prison Island, escape rooms, City Quest, pool, snooker, carom, table tennis, darts and more! As a guest you will receive a discount of 30%, for both adults and children, when booking Prison Island for 1.5 hours or the CityQuest (Operation Mindfall of the Magical Portal)
Discount code: TB2023


Prison Island (indoor)

Suitable for: 3–5 people per team, from +/- 8 years

Form a team of 3 up to 5 people, enter the cell complex, and collect as many points as possible! There are 24 cells with a different assignment behind each door. For example, there are agility assignments, knowledge games, and physical challenges. One moment you are solving a puzzle, while the next moment you have to hit balls as quickly as possible, and then you hang on the wall because the floor is lava!

There are challenges for every age and every level, which makes Prison Island suitable for everyone; young, old, sporty or not. There is always a cell in which you can excel! Sometimes you have to be smart, sometimes strong, and sometimes your reaction time and agility are called upon. But remember, there is only one way to achieve the best results: together!


City Quest (outdoor)

Suitable for: 2–6 people per team, from +/- 9 years

Go on an exciting mission through downtown Veenendaal and solve all the riddles and puzzles you encounter along the way! City Quest is an outdoor escape game with a mix of a city walk, a GPS treasure hunt, and puzzles, like in an escape room. Perfect for anyone who wants to discover the city interactively!

You will be given an iPad that will show you the way and on which the puzzles will appear. The game comes to life through augmented reality! You will also receive an ActionPack with cool gadgets that you need to complete assignments. There are two different games: Operation Mindfall and Magic Portal. Work as a spy to save the world or dive into the wonderful world of goblins to collect magical crystals.