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Multipurpose sports field

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Multifunctional sports court

For sporty guests, we have a multifunctional sports court at Vakantiepark De Thijmse Berg where you can play tennis as well as football. Here you can use up your energy during your holiday!

The multifunctional sports court at De Thijmse Berg has been laid with artificial grass, ensuring good grip on the court and making sliding and turning effortless. 

Would you like to hit a ball during your stay at De Thijmse Berg holiday park? Game, Set and Match! This is very easy! Stop by reception and make a reservation for the court, based on availability. Rackets and tennis balls are available for rent, but you can also bring your own. Before you start, stop by reception to pick up your court key.

The costs for using the tennis court are
€ 10 per hour. 

The court is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00 all year round.

Thanks to the panna goals installed on both sides of the court, the court can also be used to kick a ball around. The tennis net in the middle of the court can be placed on the sidelines. Please check with the reception if the court is free, if there is no reservation on the schedule then you can take from the key to the court. Trump each other during a technical game of panna or go for a traditional football match!


Impression of the multi-purpose sports field