De Thijmse Berg

Lively Arnhem

Around park: 23km

Lively Arnhem

Planning a cosy trip to Arnhem? There is a direct train connection to Arnhem from the nearby Veenendaal - de Klomp station. From here, you can be at Arnhem Central Station within 15 minutes by train. Prefer to go to Arnhem by car from Thijmse Berg? Then you will be there within 30 minutes and you can also easily park under Arnhem Centraal or at a car park in the city centre.

Arnhem is a very convenient city when it comes to shopping. All major shopping streets are less than a 5-minute walk from the station. You will find all well-known shops close to each other. Arnhem is also known for its many restaurants. Many well-known restaurants you will see immediately when you walk into town from the station.

Beneath the shopping streets you will find beautiful old cellars. Discover the history of Arnhem together by taking a guided tour here. From the city centre you can also walk straight to the Riijn. Arnhem, like Rhenen, is also located along this winding river. Walk to the John Frost Bridge for beautiful views over the rhine. This spot is especially beautiful in the evening when everything is lit up! On the river Rhine in Arnhem, you will also find Rose's Beach; a catering tent with a cosy city beach. This beach club is part of Foodhall Arnhem; the place to go when the weather is not so good. Prefer a picnic somewhere? Then it's definitely worth strolling through the beautiful Sonsbeek park and settling down on a lawn with a rug. 

Near the centre of Arnhem sits the Koepelgevangenis. This old prison has been transformed into a place for the very best outings. On arrival, let yourself be shown around and hear the coolest stories from an old security guard. After this, it's time for action! Escape together or on your own from one of the esacape rooms. Being a crook for a day has never been so much fun! Visiting Arnhem with children? Then a visit to the zoo is always a nice idea. Just outside the centre of Arnhem you will find Burgers's Zoo.